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What Is American Sex? 

On American Sex Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg deep-dive into guests unique experiences with sexuality, gender, and identity. Some stories are very intimate. Others deal with bigger picture components like fighting legislation or changing the way our society views sex, kink, and unconventional relationships. Every story has one thing in common-- the very blurred line between what’s personal and what touches us all. Featuring an eclectic mix of guests from all walks of life, American Sex podcast will have you rolling on the floor with laughter and learning a lot at the same time. 

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About the Hosts

Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg are sexuality educators/ edutainers specializing in BDSM, alt-sexuality, and couples play. The pair helped create and produce the groundbreaking, sex-positive TV show Sex With Sunny Megatron on Showtime. Ken & Sunny also hosted the show Outside the Box with Sunny Megatron on Amazon Video. They have been featured in Cosmo, Playboy, Jezebel, Buzzfeed, CNN, Refinery29, Playgirl Magazine, and more. 

On a more personal note, this dynamic duo are married, parents, occasionally ethically non-monogamous, and lifestyle BDSM enthusiasts. Most importantly, Ken and Sunny make taking about awkward topics easy-- they are approachable, real, and hilarious. 

Hosts: Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

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Feb 5, 2018

We had a ton of laughs and learned a lot talking with Sex therapist Ruby B. Johnson about non-hierarchical polyamory, eroticised racism, BDSM & unusual roleplays, sex therapy vs. relationship therapy, her event Poly Dallas Millennium, her work as a forensic social worker, and a bunch more. Our conversation covers the spectrum from f*cked up (in a good way) to enlightening! Sunny & Ken also announce the January Giveaway winner, unveil the February prize, and rejoice at the news the f-bomb is allowed on TV. 

Guest Bio
Ruby B Johnson is a sex therapist and educator from Plano, Texas. Ruby founded PolyDallas Millennium in 2015 and it is in its 4th year. The symposium is July 13-15, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. Ruby is frequently asked to speak on black sexuality, polyamory, and consent.

Episode 27 Topics
Poly & kinky group on fetlife, egalitarian polyamory, the movie Soul Food, serial killers, accidentally drinking your own pee, relationship therapy vs. sex therapy, mismatched libido, Nailin’ Palin, CBT, relationship anarchy, infidelity, non-hierarchical polyamory, dominant fantasy confessions, double penetration, Mollena Williams, Fire and Fury, The Chicago Ripper Crew, fire play and furries, veto power, Jeffrey Dahmer, solo polyamory, mixed metaphors, forensic social work, eroticized racism, bilingual sex ed, BDSM 101, topping yourself, unique roleplay, race play, anchor partners, fetish parties

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